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How many strategies are there in poker?  1, 5, 10, 100, 1000. Well that question can't be answered in exact numbers.  Online poker or any poker for that matter has multiple strategies involved.  Remember, no one strategy is better than the other without knowing them at all.  AllAboutOnlinePoker wants to share some information that may help you on your venture into Online Poker.  Knowing a few things about online poker before stepping into the room and getting taken for all your hard earned cash is probably wise.  Of course, the cash you are playing with should be expendable cash unless you play for a living.  If you can grasp a few simple techniques you may be one or two steps ahead of the other players in your room giving you the advantage.

  • Folding your hand is the strongest move you can make sometimes. Learn to Fold and don't get burned. Beginners like to play a lot of hands to see the action. Well, this ends up leading you into a downward spiral of losing. Laying down your cards is the key to winning.
  • Play strong hands almost 90% of the time.  Factors of position and others need to be considered, but if you are first to act and have a 46 suited, think hard before call the blind.
  • Don't let yourself get bored if you aren't playing enough hands.  Online poker plays extremely fast compared to cards in your house.  Don't let time be your enemy.

  • Try not to let luck rule your strategy, you'll lose almost every time.
  • Try to find rooms with less skilled players ( Party Poker).  Play the limit and no limit tables where you feel you can compete well.  Don't jump into 4-8 or 6-12 if you haven't won at 1-2.  Be smart and raise the bar as you progress. 

  • Virtual entertainment can be hypnotizing.  Don't let the dollar signs distract you.  Even if you have a lot of money and losing 100's or 1000's of dollars won't bother you, don't just give it a way.  You can always donate to AllAboutOnlinePoker if that is the case.

  • Watch betting habits of your opponents.  If you are out of a hand you can see how much they bet and discover there truths.  Are they raising to test the waters or are they betting because they want someone to bite.

  • You think you can steal the pot, well good luck.  Small limit and no limit tables is going to be the hardest places to bluff.  What's an extra buck to the opponent if they have a decent hand.  If and only if you smell weakness and you don't have much to lose you should take a stab at low limit tables.  High Limit, Sit and Go's, and Tournaments are a different story.  Only risk at the right time.

  • Online poker players tend to call bluffs more often than in your living room.

  • Just be careful

  • You see a bet, a raise and a re raise and your last to act.  You are holding a pair of sixes.  Do you call, knowing it can get raised again or do you just fold and wait for the next hand.  If that 3rd 6 doesn't come up on the flop your screwed.  Is it worth the chance is what you need to consider. 

  • Just because you are last to act and you have a decent low pair doesn't mean you have to play.  Remember it doesn't hurt to fold.

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