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Pacific Poker Summary
The growth over the last 8 months has put Pacific Poker in the top tier of poker rooms.  You can always find loose action games and great reload and promotions to keep the people coming back.  Finally adding No limit tournaments has helped Pacific Poker grow even more lately.  FreeRolls can be found daily now at Pacific poker giving new and old players another option for fun.  Having the backing of one of the longest standing online casinos (Casinos-On-Net), you can expect Pacific Poker to be around for a while. With the action so loose the flop percentages can get up into the 70's, meaning a lot of money is up for grabs. The software is sub-par looking at best.  Unfortunately this is where Pacific Poker has it's issues. A new Release could be expected to improve the look and feel.  You can find an average of over 7,500 players playing at peak hours. 

Pacific Poker Bonus Code www.pacificpoker.com

Pacific Poker Software and Graphics
Unfortunately this is where Pacific lacks. Luckily they have great loose games and promotions to keep the players happy.  Lack of good graphics can be a deterrent, but don't let it fend you off completely.  If you are looking to play multiple tables at one time, then Pacific isn't for you.  They allow players single games only.  Advanced features have been added lately, but more can still be added.  Statistics is another piece that is missing, however you can see flop percentages from the lobby.  Loose games definitely out weighs the software problems

Pacific Poker Ring Game Traffic
Very strong in the limit Holdem and Holdem tournaments.  Not that you won't find a lot of other games, people just play more Holdem at Pacific Poker.

Pacific Poker Tournament traffic

Tournament growth has exploded in the last few months and it doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon.  You can always find a tournament to your likings.

Pacific Poker Variety
Finding the limit Holdem games is easy.  Finding anything outside Holdem may be difficult. You can find some stud and Omaha play, it's just not vibrant with players.  If you feel like going heads-up you will find those games.  You can also find Micro limit games. .05 variety

Pacific Poker Player Rake
If there is no flop then there is no rake, which helps the average player.  You can find decent percentages taken out on the micro tables.   Pacific Poker's rake is very similar to the rest of the industry.

Pacific Poker Competition
The loosest on the market.  It appears there may be more gambler's in the Pacific Poker room than experienced player's.  This could be a good thing if you are looking to take people's money.

www.pacificpoker.net - www.888.com

Pacific Poker Bonus Codes

Either 20% bonus match up to $100 or $25 flat bonus. You need to play 550 raked hands within 30 days to get the $100 (equals 5 raked pots per bonus dollar). There are always free rolls you can register for that don't cost anything.

Pacific Poker Promotions
"Relay Races"  are Pacific Poker's trademark promotions.  If you deposit $50 or more you can receive some of the great payout's Pacific offer's.

Pacific Poker Customer Support
Email support is really your only link to Pacific.  Pretty good response times.  If you expect to get someone on the line you can almost forget it.

Financial security
Pacific is linked to one of the biggest online casino's in the world.  They should be very secure.

Deposit & withdrawal options
Deposit options:
MasterCard, VISA, Citadel, FirePay, NETeller, bank transfer, Wire Transfer, PaySafeCard, BBL Home Pay, check deposit, fps-epassport, PrePaidATM and many more.

Cash out options:
Credit card, Debit card, FirePay, NETeller,  Wire transfer, PrePaidATM, bank draft. Longer than average, but you will get your money.
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