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Wonder how you can take part in the exciting and lucrative online poker industry?  It's easier than you may think.

It's estimated that in 2009, revenues from online poker rooms exceeded over one billion dollars.  That amount is expected to grow tremendously in the future.  When starting any new venture, you need to ensure there is room to grow.  This is the perfect opportunity to make something happen in 2009. 

What do you have to do to get started?  Well, it's pretty straight forward.  Listed below are some of the programs that offer great payouts and wonderful marketing tools to help you succeed.  Start with just one or sign up with all of them. 

If you have any questions about the programs, I'm more than willing to help you get started.  You might think signing up with these programs will cost a lot of money, however, the best part is that it's free. 

Promoting online poker sites, online or offline, is a business model anyone can follow.  If you or someone you know plays poker, then it only makes sense to give this type of business a shot - with no risk to you.  Good luck and have fun while building your poker empire!


1.  There is NO fee or upfront investment needed to participate in the Affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up, get your tracker, select a payment plan (more information below), and start sending poker players to PartyPoker.com through your trackers.

2.  Select from one of two payment plans: Get paid $65 - $75 per sign up guaranteed or earn 20-25% of the gross revenue generated during the lifetime of your player's Account. Not sure if your players will be big players? Choose the per sign up plan. Confident your players will be high rollers? Choose the revenue plan…the bigger your players, the bigger your checks! How big? See the potential. You can choose different payment plans for different trackers to maximize your profits!

Per sign up plan
Monthly # real money players $ to you
1-10 $65
11 or more $75

Percentage plan
Monthly # gross revenue $ to you
Up to $10,000 20%
Over $10,000 25%

3. Payments are guaranteed and processed by iGlobalMedia, a pioneer in online gaming marketing with an outstanding track record of having paid affiliates more than $19 million since 1997.

4.  Sign up Sub-Affiliates and get 20% of all payments made to them! Once you sign up as an Affiliate, you will be able to register Sub-Affiliates underneath you.

5.  Our tracking system is state of the art and we provide you two types of trackers: sign up bonus codes (for offline promotions such as fliers and cards) and tracking URLs (for online promotions). When a poker player opens an Account using a sign up bonus code or a tracking URL assigned to you, we know the player was referred by you and we permanently mark his/her Account in our database. Track all your statistics real time!

6.  Use our banners, text links, CDs and fliers to maximize your promotions. We have lots of promotional materials that you may freely use in your promotions. In addition, we can custom develop, at cost, any special requests that you may have for custom CDs, t-shirts, key chains, etc. with your unique trackers embedded in them.

Party Poker Affiliate Program

Empire Poker Affiliate Program

With UltimateBet.com your commissions will be based on the percentage of net revenue.

Monthly #gross revenue % to you
Up to $20,000 25%
$20,001-$29,000 30%
$30,000 and over 35%

Plus, sign up sub affiliates and earn 3% commission on the revenue generated by affiliates you refer to the UltimateBet.com affiliate program.

Affiliates are paid by the 15th of the month once the balance earned reaches $50. You can receive your payment via NETeller or Check.

Ultimate Bet Affiliate Program

Affiliates have the choice in commission structure!
You now have the option to receive a base net revenue commission or a CPA arrangement.
Plus refer other affiliates and earn of off the players that they send through, up to 5%!

Option 1 Flan net revenue 25%
Option 2 CPA $75

Refer other affiliates and earn
First referral tier 5%
Second referral tier 1.5%

With Absolute Online Poker you can earn Revenue for all players referred by you or your directly referred Affiliates - for the life of the player!

  Competitive Commission Rates - 25%  base net revenue OR CPA Commission- $75 per player
  Free sign-up, absolutely no set-up or registration fees involved
  Lifetime revenue from each referred player
  Multi tier program for added earnings from referred affiliates
  No losses ever – as long as you send qualified players you’ll make money
  Special arrangements for affiliates that meet our criteria – contact us now to see if you qualify
  Great selection of marketing materials
  Reliable real time tracking
  Friendly and reliable affiliate support
  Excellent bonuses and incentives for players

Absolute Poker Affiliate Program

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